Mercy Foundation is an extension of the healing ministry of Christ inspired by the Sisters of Mercy. Through this heritage, we connect donors to critical needs. Our purpose is to secure vital funding that ensures equal access, clinical excellence and high quality care for all.

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Every day stories unfold at Mercy Medical Center. Joy. Courage. Despair. Sadness. Hope. All of these emotions are witnessed daily by the Mercy family as they walk side-by-side their patients during all of life’s seasons. Rich, meaningful, and lasting bonds are formed between Mercy’s care providers and the patients they are privileged to serve. If only the hospital’s walls could talk, they would repeat a familiar refrain of: “Thank you. Words can never express my gratitude for what you have done. You are an angel to me!”

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Audi quattro Cup 
May 18, 2015

House of Mercy Game Show Gala 
June 18, 2015

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