Spirit of Mercy - Iowa Heart Center

Little did they know,
The little one lying in her mother’s arms would soon be in heart surgery.
Repairing what nature had left undone.

A trip down the hall, each step moving her farther away from their arms.
Into the care of world renown medical specialists who would make their precious gift healthier.

A quick kiss, a touch, and then, their baby was gone from them.
Now in the safe care of cardiac physicians who understood they held her life in their hands.
Experts, who know answers and techniques few ever do,begin.
Ready to take what they were given and make it even better.

Time stands still. Somewhere in the sea of prayer and still allusive peace, the figure approaches them slowly.
They search the eyes, looking for answers even before words are spoken.

Amid smiles and reassurances the problem is resolved comes overwhelming relief.
Sometimes, letting go to get even more in return is worth the effort.
Tears of relief bathe faces, hugs of joy at the news.
Grateful words unable to express the obviously.

Their little one, their miracle, their survivor.
The first battle won.
Thanks to Iowa Heart Center.

Stories like this unfold daily at Iowa Heart Center. Please, won’t you consider a gift for those heart patients needing to know many stand alongside them? Be a part of the Spirit of Mercy campaign by designating your gift to the outstanding work being done through the Iowa Heart Center at Mercy. Thank you!

To learn more about the Iowa Heart Center please go to http://www.mercydesmoines.org/heart/index.cfm

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