Spirit of Mercy - Pastoral Care

Within Mercy Hospitals, and clinics,
In hallways and waiting rooms,
Among the sea of physicians & staff members who make up Mercy Medical Center,

Are people in need.
Of a smile, a word of encouragement; even perhaps a cup of coffee.
They are wrapped with concern for the loved one, who lies on a hospital bed,
Or steps into the exam room, not knowing the battle ahead.
They feel lost within the crisis unfolding. Where to turn? Who to call?

Questions answered by those who flow in and out of the setting.
Comfort, advice, and so much more given,
Especially by one who is always there,
That man, or woman of God… Simply there, to provide support, and, if desired, pray for patient and family alike.

A hand to reach for in the dark of the night,
A smile to share in the joy that just might unfold.

They are the devoted warriors of love, and kindness; of grace and mercy.
They are the sacred servants, who have found their own peace in answering the call to serve others.
They are the Peace makers. They are the sign of Hope. Of Comfort. Of Joy.
They are Mercy’s Pastoral Care Team.

May they be blessed as they have blessed others.

Spirit of Mercy Campaign dollars help to provide staff to minister to Mercy Medical Center’s diverse culture of patients and staff members. Offering counseling and emotional support to patients, family and staff members remains the focus of their work. Please consider making a gift to this ministry that helps to demonstrate, moment by moment, the mission of Mercy Medical Center – to be an extension of the healing hand of Jesus Christ. Thank you!

For more information regarding pastoral care services please visit www.mercydesmoines.org

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