Spirit of Mercy - Mercy College

When I was little,
I wanted to be a teacher, or mommy, a fireman or cowboy, or a helper...

Life was all about the “Somedays”, and “Somehows.”

That “Someday” is now here.
That “Somehow” has arrived.
Mercy College of Health Sciences awaits.

I’m ready.
To learn. To grow.
To climb.
The ladder of challenges, and changes.

To swim,
The ocean of exams and expectations.

To fly,
The plane of perseverance and productivity.

I’m ready.
To be all I am called to be. I’m ready, to learn and serve others.
To be the helping hand.
To touch the hurting and bring peace to the patient.
I’m ready – To make every moment matter.

Your gift to the Mercy College of Health Sciences, made through our annual Spirit of Mercy campaign, can help to provide scholarship dollars to help many who are ready, to learn, to grow, to serve. Won’t you make a gift today? Your gift will help to make dreams reality. Thank you.

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